Configure Your Website

Assuming you have already designed your web site, you are now almost ready to publish your site. Prior to publishing your site make sure you thoroughly test your web site locally, and check for the following:
A. All the folders within your site are all in either lower-case or upper-case throughout the entire site and these folders are referenced by their proper case in all instances (i.e. if you have an "images" folder, don't refer to it as "Images" in any of your pages or scripts). servers are case-sensitive, and will not display a page unless the exact folder and file name is used.
B. The File names or Folder names do not contain any spaces, as this causes problems with some web browsers.
C. All your entry (default) pages in each folder are named properly. Default entry pages can be named any of the following: index.htm, index.shtml, index.html, index.PHP, index.php3,  index.PHP. The default file name is index.html; The default page is the first page users see if they access your web site or any of the folders within your web site (e.g.

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